Better specialty pharmacy care needs better technology.

Specialty Pharmacy Technology

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Built from the ground up by specialty pharmacists and physicians, the House Rx platform supports all aspects of medically integrated dispensing — from prior authorization and financial counseling, to fulfillment tools, scalable patient outreach, and real-time analytics. A seamless integration with your EHR allows your care team to easily collaborate with House Rx pharmacists to provide better, more efficient patient care.

Dispensing Analytics Dashboards

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Built into the House Rx platform, our analytics dashboards surface actionable insights in real-time using your clinic’s dispensing data. By tracking operational and quality metrics, your clinic can optimize dispensing and clinical operations and ensure world-class patient care.

Scalable patient engagement

Simple coordination of copayment processing and pick-up & delivery of medication

Privately chat or text with our expert pharmacists

Refills that are proactively coordinated by the care team

A pharmacy experience that meets patients where they are.

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